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To produce a world class supply chain conglomerate with excellent quality and customer satisfaction that meets the needs of our clients at various levels. Timely services with utmost care on quality ignites the spark of future standard growth



White Horse Global Corporation is a registered entity under The Companies Act, 1956 and established in the year 2009 in Coimbatore. It has its distinctive routes of start which made it to figure a modern approach to a traditional method of trade.



The directors of White Horse are highly innovative & self-motivated with strong technical, educational and corporate management background up their sleeve. It’s the master minds that drives the firm on a new scale into a different dimension of future behavior.

White Horse

We believe quality service and customer satisfaction is the hallmark of our entity.

A solution to a problem can be a product or a service. Sometimes all the products and services are not available everywhere. Different products and services have its origin in one place, but have demand in another place. So the need for products and services reaching the customers draws White Horse to grow as a trading company to aid the service of meeting the supply and demand of its customers.

According to Albert Einstein’s,

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them”

This fascinates the requisite of growth and continuous improvement in every activities of White Horse. Our awareness towards what we do is higher thereby supplying with an enriched solutions for our customers to make their task simpler. White Horse aids in all possible ways to make the buying and selling an all easy process with a holistic way of delivering the solutions. You can witness the uniqueness that makes you comfortable with enjoyable curve of working together.

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